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First Quarter Assignments



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1 9/12/2016

Read  Full text of "The Lagoon" by Joseph Conrad
 (Scroll down until you find the beginning of this story.)

This story appears without illustrations.  Add five of your own with a few words of text under each of your five illustrations. Some suggestions would be the setting, characters, actions, symbols, conflicts.

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Literature-- class work 10
2 9/13/2016 Practice quiz on opening day remarks Organizational 10
3 9/14/2016 Answer the 21  questions on the margins of "The Lagoon".  Literature- homework 10
4 9/15/2016 class work: Write original sentences with the following words from "The Lagoon."
portals, invincible, propitiate, conflagration, august, theme, shifting point of view
Vocabulary-- class work 10
5 9/16/2016 Take the 3 practice quizzes on Subject-Verb Agreement. Save your results on Google Drive. If you  look at LINKS on top of the webpage, you will notice Grammar Index to quizzes for Capital Community College, the source of all these grammar explanations and quizzes. Grammar NB
6 9/19/2016 Vocabulary and Literature quiz on "The Lagoon." Download this Softest quiz the night before. Vocabulary 30
7 9/20/2016 Follow the sample outline in developing your Lagoon essay:
How to organize your essay:

Your name
English 3 Honors
Mr. Horner
                          Descriptive title

st paragraph—thesis statement and preview of main points
nd- paragraph --transitional word or phrase and development of main points. Add quotes when necessary.  (for transitions, see page
     3-rd paragraph- conclusion and evaluation of the story’s success (how it ties everything together—title, theme, plot, characters, word choices.)
Writing-- class work NB
8 9/21/2016 Essay on "The Lagoon"- Responding to Theme.
Three-paragraph essay with a descriptive title.
A lagoon is a pool of brackish water separated from the sea by sand bars and reef. Knowing this, write an essay explaining the relevance of the story's title to its theme. Begin by stating the theme  Then develop your essay around the following questions. In Conrad's view of things, what does the lagoon represent? What is represented by the sea beyond? What does s voyage to and fro the lagoon represent?
Writing 20
9 9/21/2016 Complete the subject-verb agreement work found in the textbook on page 767 #1-10.
Take the quizzes on pronouns and save them . (Second, Third, Fifth Quizzes)
From the textbook, complete page 795, #1-10
Grammar- class work NB
10 9/22/2016 Read  "The Lamb" on page 728, answer #1-
 AND  read "The Tiger,"   by William Blake, p. 729, answer #1-page 752.    Write original sentences with the following words: vales, archetypes, immortal, symmetry, aspire, sinews , found on page 748 and 749.  We will search for contrasting pairs of poems in Blake's Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience
Literature-- homework 10
11 9/23/2016
"A Poison Tree," by William Blake,. Find the corresponding engraving of this poem  How do the images illuminate the poem?
Literature 10
12 9/26/2016  "The Pardoner's Tale" by Geoffrey Chaucer Literature 10
13 9/27/2016 Essay test on Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience. Literature 100
14 9/28/2016 Open your downloaded e-book and begin reading  Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. Take Active Reading Notes, with 20 defined vocabulary for SECTION 1 of the novel.
ote settings, characters, action. Highlight your questions and predictions.
Literature 20
15 9/28/2016

Write your own sentences with these words drawn from the novel
Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad  Chapter I     

1 yawl

2 concertina

3 somnambulist

4 gabardine

5 Adieu

6 calipers

7 lugubrious

8 drollery

9 moribund

10 indefatigable

11 interminable

12 placid

13 immutability

14 sepulcher

15 rapacious

Vocabulary- class work NB
16 9/29/2016 Take and save quizzes on verbs: Recognizing verbs,1 and 2, and Irregular verbs I, II, III. Grammar Class work NB
17 9/30/2016  p. 121 "Writing an Analysis."
Write an essay analyzing
"The Pardoner's Tale." In analyzing Chaucer's tale, show how the various elements in a literary work fit together.  Consider at least three of these elements: plot, dialogue, moral, rhyme scheme, similes, symbolism.
Writing 20
18 10/3/2016 Take and save quiz on Identifying Tenses
Complete #1-10, page 1009.
Take and save quiz on the Uses of the Subjunctive
Grammar Class work NB
19 10/4/2016 Vocabulary quiz on  Heart of Darkness, part I , and Irregular verbs Vocabulary 50
20 10/5/2016 Take Active Reading Notes, with 20 defined vocabulary for Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. SECTION II of the novel
ote settings, characters, action. Highlight your questions and predictions. Add your own evaluation of your reading experience of this chapter.
Literature 20

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